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What is the shelf life of Bee's Kiss (Best Before Date, BBD)?

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The Bee's Kiss, what is its shelf life?

As the beloved Pharaohs have proven to us, honey is the only food that does not spoil!

In creating it, bees add substances that allow it to be preserved for a very long time.

Honey over 3000 years old has been found in the pyramids of Egypt, and it turns out that after being reheated, it was still edible.

However, we are no longer in 3000 BC, and to avoid any problems, we set expiration dates.

The BBD, or Best Before Date, is an indicative date. For our Bee's Kiss, the optimal usage limit is 18 months.

To preserve your Bee's Kiss without altering the quality and ease of extraction, it is advised to store the Bee's Kiss in a dry place at room temperature. Unlike commercially available honeycomb honey, the structure of the wax combs in a Bee's Kiss remains intact.

Over time, honey tends to crystallize and solidify. This is a natural phenomenon, and all honeys eventually set. This is actually due to the distribution of its glucose and fructose content. The higher the glucose concentration in the honey, the faster it will crystallize. But this has nothing to do with expiration!

Even when crystallized, honey remains perfectly edible. To return it to its liquid form without losing its nutritional values, simply warm it gently in a water bath, making sure not to exceed 40 degrees Celsius.

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