Gold medal of the 2021 Concours Lépine 

Let's eat our honey a different way

Using a patented press, you yourself press  le miel
from the original cell rays,
directly "from the hive to the toast"

50 seconds to discover the concept



I press the honey myself, ideally kept in its wax case

Reusable and recyclable

Our Bee's kiss™ comb honey individual portions are reusable in the hive after use



The comb honey preserves all its original qualities and virtues. 


Bee's dream ensures traceable and quality honey without possible mixing.

Made in France

Bee's dream works primarily with French partners and favors the local.

Bee's dream - Charles-Olivier Oudin_edit


Charles-Olivier has been working with innovative companies for 20 years while beekeeping at the weekend.

In 2010, he and his wife established Miel et Safran, producing honey and saffron in Chemillé-en-Anjou, the French capital city of medicinal plants.

At the same time, over four seasons, he installed nearly 200 beehives on the roofs of around thirty companies in Paris and its area.

His ongoing research into innovative techniques for managing bee colonies in a more natural way led to the invention of the My Easy Hive / Bee's kiss™ concept in 2019, then the creation of Bee's dream in 2020. He works with multidisciplinary partners who share his values.

Bee's dream is a company with a mission whose purpose is: "Let's use innovation to recreate the link between bees and human beings".


With the Bee's Kiss honey single portion, enjoy exceptional honeys every day through portions designed especially for your breakfasts and snacks.