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Honey Skin

Farmer beekeepers

The Peau de Miel adventure, since we have to talk about adventure, was born here, in this land where three generations of farmers have succeeded one another.

All lovers of nature and already, of the world of bees.

Patiently, they have passed down values over the generations…

Our family was already in touch with a beekeeper who came to us to carry out the transhumance of his hives: he thus obtained a very famous acacia honey.

When he decided to stop his activity, because retirement age had come, my wife and I could not bring ourselves to the idea of no longer living among the bees that we considered almost as friends.

Indeed, we took advantage of all the treasures of the hive on a daily basis: we treated small infections, skin problems, colds and coughs thanks to honey, propolis but also the very precious royal jelly!

Nature offered us everything we needed to live well: it was so exhilarating that we wanted to share it with you. 

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