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The Bee's dream adventure

Many of beekeepers are coping with the full force of low yield and varroa mites impacts as well as the unfair competition from adulterated honey. 
Three years ago, we developed a solution to serve beekeepers and honey consumers. We decided to do things differently.
Our challenge: producing genuine honey, promoting sustainable beekeeping and helping safeguard our precious pollinators. 
We have invented an innovative individual portion filled with honey directly from the hive by the bees. The portion is used with a patented pressor to extract honey, by pressing, at the time of tasting.

"We designed the Bee's kiss so that you can enjoy exceptional honey!" - Charles-Olivier OUDIN, founder of the Bee's kiss

Raw honey

comb honey means honey stored by bees in the cells of freshly built broodless combs or thin comb foundation sheets made solely of beeswax and sold in sealed whole combs or sections of such combs.

beekeeper Charles-Olivier
pressing Bee's kiss initiation box with nature and flower background

Straight from the hive

The beekeeper takes the comb honey from the hive without further manipulation. The honey remains contained in the wax cells that protect it. You're the one who squeezes it on your toast.


  • 100% authentic

  • No oxidation

  • No crystallisation

  • No filtering

  • No heating

 Extraction of honey by squeezing

Pot VS BK EN.jpg

The extraction of honey using centrifugation is a relatively recent method in the history of beekeeping. Before the invention of the centrifuge in 1865 by Franz Hruschka, honey was extracted by crushing the wax combs and using gravity to separate the honey from the solid parts.
The nectar thus flows at its own pace, without undergoing intense mechanical processing. Some beekeepers still prefer to use these more traditional methods of extraction, using cold pressing, although the yield is lower.
Called honeycomb honey, breccia honey or comb honey, this type of honey is considered very natural and unprocessed, as it is stored in its original form in the wax cells.
Bee's dream has chosen to offer the consumer the option of extracting their honey by pressing to guarantee 100% authentic honey, with the assurance that it comes from a hive and is not mixed. 
This innovation allows beekeepers to enhance their honeys in a complementary way and to better value their work.

Traçabilité EN (1).png
Abeilles dans une ruche

Some figures


 of the honey consumed in France is produced abroad


of honey consumed in France is adulterated 

pressage bee's kiss sur une tartine de pain


of ruits and vegetables depend on bees

The Bee's dream recycling center

Recyclerie anglais.jpg


"I loved the innovative concept of the individual portion of honey! The pressor makes it possible to enjoy genuine honey, which has not been tampered. Our friends have also ordered boxes."

- Lawrence G.

"I discovered Bee's dream during their appearance on Carnet de Campagne on France Inter Radio on January 2022. By ordering a tasting box, our children have definitely become fans of comb honey !""

- Oliver R.

"In addition to inventing an innovative product, Charles-Olivier Oudin, the founder, is a passionate beekeeper."

- Nicole B.

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