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Sponsor a beehive and become an actor of a flourishing project...

...because bees participate in the preservation of our environment and in the pollination of 70% of our fruits and vegetables, Bee's dream wishes to reinvent beekeeping traditions and to honor the production of authentic honeys.

Bee's dream is amission-driven company in the service of ainnovative beekeeping

 "Recreate the link between humans and bees through innovation"

Our bees make honey directly in the packaging, from the hive to the toast!

Bee's kiss complete user manual

Unlike thetraditional methods ofcentrifugation we use the ancestral method ofcold pressing which allows honey to preserve:

Hisgourmet flavors (taste and texture), itsfragrances, herpurity, hisbenefits 

Nonehandling neitherfalsification is not possible, product100% traceable

Bee’s kisses arereusable or in materialsbio-based Andcompostable. ♻️

Centrifugation vs.Pressing

Centrifugation vs pressing
Nutritional comparison between jarred honey and pressed honey (Bee's kiss)
Bee's dream beekeeping equipment advantages
  • 💡SIMPLICITY : Bee's dream offers a complete system with no extraction and conditioning necessary.

  • ♻️RESPONSIBILITY &REEMPLOYABILITY : Single doses can be returned and reused after use. The wax can also be reused.

  • 🧑‍🌾AUTHENTICITY : Allows you to develop your range of products in the form of breccia honey, the honey thus preserves all its original qualities and virtues.

  • ❤️MADE IN FRANCE : Unique and innovative patented system. Bee's dream works primarily with French partners and favors local products.

What is a bee's kiss?
Pre-order bee's kisses
Bee's dream hardware instructions

​🌻Bee’s dream, beyond hisinnovation intends to be an actor in thesaving bees, of thebiodiversity by promoting thepollination cultures 🌼

Bee's Dream Prizes and Rewards

🐝Bee's dream forges its partnerships with its partner beekeepers in France…🐝

Bee's dream in France

And also everywhere...😉

Bee's dreams in the world

THEHoney is an ancient and valuable product that plays a crucial role in ourfood and ourecosystem. Unfortunately, today the situation of bees and honey production is increasingly worrying. In fact, more than50% of honey consumed in France is still imported, nevertheless the consumption of honey is evolving towards quality, unmanipulated products. However,30% of honey consumed undergoes some form of adulteration, which compromises thequality and theprofits for the health of the product and causes trouble for all the players in the sector.

Beekeeping in France
breakfast without the bees

Furthermore,the bee is aessential species to life and must beprotected. However, thehuman activities, the destruction of their natural habitat and diseases or predators (Asian hornet, varroa, etc.) are among the main causes of the decline in the bee population. This threatens thebalance of our ecosystem, because bees are the mainpollinators of ourcrops and forests.

It is therefore crucial toto raise awareness THEconsumers tobiodiversity issues and somesaving bees, and to bring ahelp concrete tobeekeepers to preserve this precious species and our environment. Actingtogether, we can guarantee apromising future for the bees andproduction of quality honey


Bee's dream frame

🐝Testimonial from a Bee's dream beekeeperTogo which offersHoneyCashew🌎

OURmethod Eastsimple Andrewarding for beekeeping, with atraceability native

Fraud is the main problem in the sector worldwide

Bee Sponsorship
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