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Reinvent your honey production

Bee's dream materials to produce or taste Bee's kiss™ comb honey

Resistant. Reusable. 

Beehive + frame bee's dream

Which hive do you need?

Montagne biodiversité

Quick delivery

Packages are sent by Chronopost the following week


The My Easy Hive innovation allows the recycling of hive frames and the reuse of wax from single doses

French made

The hive super frames are manufactured in France by our partner Microplast 

Need help ?

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Beekeeping accessories :
some must have for your apiary

What does the My Easy Hive complete hive offer you?

Bee's dream rear frame


Bee's dream rear frame

Made in France

Bee's dream rear frame

Bee's dream ensures traceable and quality honey without possible mixtures

All materials are made in France by our local partners

The beekeeper will be able to develop his product range with a complementary offer


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