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How do I install my Bee's kiss supers and frames?


The Bee's Kiss® frog is adaptable to the Dadant or Langstroth format, as an option. It is made up of 9 frames, each containing 25 clip-on single doses.

This page is dedicated to explaining the installation of our increases. 

Instructions for use

In the first place,placethe increase Bee's Kiss® on the hive body when the body frames of the standard hive are approximately 60-70% occupied (for example when 6 or 7 brood frames are completed in a standard hive body containing 10 frames) .


In the event that you use specific rises (e.g. rises manufactured locally or rises of a format other than Dadant), it is imperative to check their conformity with the Dadant rise, in fact, it is imperative that the space between each frame is 8mm (see Fig.1).


Get startedideallywithout queen excluder to facilitate rising. The queen excluder can be added during a check-up visit.


Theninstallthe 9 Bee’s Kiss® frames one behind the other in a smooth-edged box, in Hoffmann assembly.


Tighten all frames on one side to maintain a consistent space of8mmbetween each frame and obtain the desired space (the bee space) at the level of the opposite edge frame. (If necessary, use a shim on the back of the edge frame).

After that, your frames are ready to be filled by bees!  


At the end of production, take out the frames, unclip the Bee's kisses, andenjoythem using the small press… 

Bee's dream frame operation



In the event of a small honey flow, or to start the season, we advise you to reduce the number of Bee’s Kiss® frames.

You can install two to three frames in the roof and place them on the edge using a wooden partition. Access to the volume remaining empty in the top will be prohibited to bees and blocked by a “Top clear” type frame cover.

The principle is to encourage the bees to climb higher to avoid blocking egg laying in the body by excessive storage of honey.

Rise bee's dream + score


“topclair” type frame cover

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